The Best Portable Cribs of 2014

Safety is the number one important thing when it comes to raising a child. Your job as a mother and as a parent has to be entirely based around making sure that your baby is safe at all times. Part of doing this is making sure that the products you use are safe for the baby, and you as well. Before you purchase anything that you’ll be using to help take care of your child – whether it be cribs, strollers, breast pumps, monitors, bottles, etc., – always make sure that it is safe.

The majority of accidents that happen with babies happen in cribs. Of course you can blame the crib manufacturers, you can blame the store for selling them, you can blame the mother, and you can even blame the child in some instances, but at the end of the day it’s you that decides whether or not to buy the product. This is why researching and educating yourself on what makes a good crib is definitely the best way to ensure your baby’s safety. You don’t want the next toddler accident to happen to yours, so make sure that the crib she’s going to be spending the majority of her days in is free of any harm.

Some things to look for when purchasing a crib is definitely the maker. If you’re not familiar with the maker of the crib, go and look up reviews, otherwise you should test it’s sturdiness and it’s overall weight. There’s a misconception that the heaviest cribs are going to be the most sturdy, but this isn’t always true. There are several lightweight cribs that actually are pretty sturdy and hard to knock over, yet light enough that you can pick it up and move it if you have to. In fact some of the best cribs of 2014 are exactly like this.

Another product you need to watch out for is baby monitors. At first glance you might not think anything about your baby monitor when you tuck your baby in to sleep, but there have been cases where baby monitors were hacked into and the family and child threatened through the receiver. It would be a scary thing to have your privacy intruded on like that, so that’s why you must take the precaution of getting a secure baby monitor. I recommend viewing some of the best baby monitors on the market because even though they have the most features, they are also the most secure.

The Best Portable Cribs of 2014 Credit Picture License: Upsilon Andromedae via photopin cc

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