Good Dogs Eat Their Greens

Your pets will do some crazy things and you simply don’t know why. Cats will purr, dogs will eat things they aren’t supposed to, they are amazing little creatures. It is extremely important to make sure that your pets do not do anything that could cause those issues with their health. There are a number of human foods that your dog can consume without causing any harm to your pet. However, there are other foods that can cause them to become ill and can even be fatal to them. Let’s take a minute to talk about some of the fascinating our pets do, and eat!

Most people know what is okay for our dogs to consume. Chocolate can be toxic to your dog, as well as fruits such as grapes. However, there are some fruits that are okay for your dog to eat. Bananas are very healthy for humans to eat so can dogs eat bananas? Yes, it is perfectly safe for your dogs to eat bananas. Giving your dog a small part of a banana can add a great deal of potassium and Vitamin C to their diet keeping their kidneys and immune systems strong. The natural sugar in bananas will give your dog an added healthy boost of energy. You can also add some banana to some yogurt or even make your dog some banana mini-muffins. Bananas are loaded with antioxidants with help prevent your pet from cancer and other diseases. So yes, dogs eating bananas is 100% good for them.

Great Danes are considered to be the tallest dog breed in the entire world and are one of the very large dog breeds. They range from 100-200 pounds and can get upwards to 34 inches tall. The Great Dane is a very friendly dog and gets along with most other dogs regardless of breed. They are not aggressive, and even though they are big, they make great pets.

The as far as mass goes, not as far as height. They are usually about 27-30 inches tall but could weigh as much as 220 pounds or more. This breed of dog rarely barks but is extremely protective of his/her family. They are not typically attack dogs but they will defend their loved ones. This dog would also require a food rich with vitamins to keep their hearts and bones healthy.

Our pets can be interesting and extremely important to our lives. They are a part of our families so we should take the best possible care of them as possible. If it were the other way around you know that they would want to take care of us so it is the least we can do!

Good Dogs Eat Their Greens Credit Picture License: WyoLibrarian via photopin cc

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