The Perfect Rice – Here’s How To Make It

Perfect rice. Is there any other kind? Not if you use a . If you have enough pressure in your life at work, when you get home you deserve an oasis; in the form of your kitchen, a place where the pressure is kept within the confines of your rice cooker.

Let the sound of the water used to rinse the rice put you into a lower level den, one that hopefully will not  make you realize how you need to pee, like right now. A rinse will break down and discard excess starch (to help with digestion), as well as any potential pesticides and herbicides or other contaminants . as to whether warm , cold, or room temperature water is the most beneficial for rinsing. Soaking is also guilty by association with rinsing. The benefits are there, but the time-consuming aspect is a major deterrent for those of us who just want to eat.

Ahh, I love seamless transitions, (they save so much time) so let’s ride the momentum into yet another benefit of rice cookers…TIME! Most of us won’t wait to rinse and then soak our rice for up to half an hour. The vast majority of  people are content to simply place the rice into the rice cooker along with the water or any other sneaky delicious ingredients hidden in your arsenal. If the rice is prepared to pleasure you, who are you to tell it you aren’t ready?

That beep indicating your rice is hot and fluffy should elicit the visceral reaction responsible for beckoning you to enter the kitchen tantamount to the shrill, disagreeable beep of the smoke alarm’s ability to move your healthy ass out of the kitchen because you don’t have  rice, such that  you have the entire fire department still shaking their collective hard hats.

Thumbs up!

After your building is no longer red-tagged due to structural issues and your neighbors have forgiven you (to your face, at least); the threat of fire in the hallway on your  floor is still imminent.  “Only a matter of time!” the gentleman who lives beneath you jests. Laughing off his thinly veiled threats, you take solace in  knowing your neighbors will now need to come up with  excuses beyond how burnt and potentially fatal your rice is for turning down a dinner invitation.

The Perfect Rice – Here’s How To Make It Credit Picture License: via photopin cc

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