Ultrasound Technology Can Now Monitor Your Car’s Engine Health

Ultrasounds have long been used in looking at the human body and understanding what is going on inside of us. Especially during pregnancy, ultrasounds are a way for the doctors to get a closer look at what is going on behind the skin, but now ultrasounds are becoming far more flexible than just seeing our insides all lit up!

Rob Dwyer-Joyce, the Professor of Lubrication Engineering at the University of Sheffield, has come up with a brilliant idea. Why not use ultrasounds to see just how efficient our cars are? Energy consumption and efficiency are key issues in the vehicle world at the moment.

Because of rising gas prices and worries over the environment, running at maximum capacity is an absolute must today for any driver out there. Getting the lubrication and efficiency of your engine to the absolute limit is very important, and an ultrasound could help devise engine efficiency quite easily.

So is car repair going to be part of an ultrasound tech’s training in the near future?Computers and other ways of checking these type of systems aren’t really as effective as what an ultrasound could achieve, making it an extremely interesting development in the long term for the future of vehicle efficiency.

By using the ultrasound, it can measure the lubricant film and the cylinder wall. The reflections this will cause can then be measured via the ultrasound. This project is taking us another step closer to creating truly powerful and intelligent repair methods for our vehicles.

So if you are having regular vehicle trouble and can’t quite put your finger on it, soon enough you might be able to get the answers that you are looking for, via an ultrasound! It may be another year or two until these are commonly being used in garages and the like, but in time it will be a huge part of the vehicle maintenance world.

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