5 Cool Natural Phenomena You Have To See To Believe

There are many cool and wonderful things in our world that are considered to be
natural phenomena that will delight and amaze you. There are many marvelous
things in the world that everyone should try to see in their lifetime. Here are five of
these fantastically beautiful and sometimes even deadly cool natural phenomena:

Volcanic Lightning

Both a and lighting are already very interesting and cool natural
phenomena, but did you know there is something called volcanic lighting that
combines the two? Volcanic lightening is a storm that occurs during the eruption of
a volcano. It happens due to the fact that the erupting volcano projects debris into
the atmosphere that is positively charged. This then reacts with negative charges in
the atmosphere and causes lightening right in the middle of the eruption.

Northern Lights



Another cool phenomenon that happens in northern regions is the Northern Lights.
If you want to see the Northern Lights you usually have to go to places like
Iceland, Canada or the northern U.S. They are made via collisions between the
electrically charged particles that come from the sun and then drift town into the
earth’s atmosphere. The Northern Lights normally appear about 50 to 400 miles
above the surface of the earth.
You can see the Northern Lights above the magnetic poles in both the north and
south. They can be colors like red, blue, green, yellow or purple. They can look
like ribbons of color or swirls of color or several other beautiful shapes. They have
a spooky or eerie looking glow and many times ancient peoples thought they were
messages from the gods.

Bioluminescent red tide

Red tide is when ocean phytoplankton replicates themselves into vast quantities
that cover the ocean like a big red blanket. It is considered to be a bloom of these
algae creatures. While it may look ugly in daylight, as soon as night hits, they
become bioluminescent, which mean they glow in the dark. This is a type of algae
called Noctiluca scintillans, and it turns bright blue when it glows at night.

Nacreous clouds

Nacreous clouds or mother-of-pearl clouds are rare natural phenomena. They occur
at high altitudes and reflect the light from the sun that happens underneath the
horizon. Then, it shines down extremely bright, which is different than what
normally happens with regular clouds. These clouds need a very cold environment
such as the Polar Regions of the world to be formed and usually appear in places
like Iceland, Canada, or Alaska.

Raining creatures from the sky

This cool phenomenon has both frightened and intrigued mankind for ages. Most
of the time it is creatures like fish or frogs that are seen and it happens near a water
source. The reasons for these strange rainfalls are that waterspouts or water
tornados pick up the animals and then drop them somewhere else. They have been
known to carry the creatures of several miles before dropping them elsewhere.

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