Top Dog Breeds In New York

There’s a dog breed for everyone and every lifestyle, but just because you feel a specific dog would fit your personality doesn’t mean it’s a great choice for your living environment. If your home is a small residence in a big city like New York, it’s not a good idea to adopt a dog that requires a lot of time and running space outdoors (like greyhound dogs, Dobermans, Great Danes).

According to registration figures drawn from New York City zip codes as identified by U.S. Postal Service, the following breeds are popular choices for New York City urban lifestyles (including some larger breeds).

1. English Bulldog

are apartment super stars because, not only are they loyal and lovable, they are very laid back; shall we say lazy? There’s little these chubby couch potatoes like to do more than lay around the house watching TV or playing lazily with their favorite toy. While they do require a certain amount of exercise, they’d much prefer to take a nap. English Bulldogs are also patient, which makes them wonderful family pets.

2. French Bulldog

French bulldog’s boast virtually all the qualities of English Bulldogs but are more energetic. These adorable dogs are also smaller in size, a lighter weight, and lots of fun to play with indoors and out. You’ll also love their sweet demeanor (just like their bigger doggie relatives).

3. Yorkshire Terrier

The always popular is a tiny toy breed that makes the perfect companion for condo/apartment dwellers. They’re small enough to share just about any living space with you and they are friendly enough to charm just about anybody you meet as you walk around your urban neighborhood.

There are several larger dog breeds that do great in an urban environment; as long as they get plenty of exercise they’ll be happy to live anywhere with their owner. Some outdoor city activities you can do with your dog include taking them to city parks to play Frisbee, tug of war, go jogging with them etc. You’ll also want to train your dog to act appropriately in a city environment.

Following are 3 of the larger breeds that are popular in New York City.

1. Labrador Retriever

because they are well behaved, even tempered, intelligent and loving, and the perfect pet for children and the elderly. Adorable looking, fun loving and smart, Labs make the perfect pet. When it comes to big dogs they’re not too big and they’re easy going and calm as well when they’re not excitedly fetching a ball or chasing a bird.

2. German Shepherd Dog

German shepherd’s are natural protectors and are intelligent and adaptable. They make a lively, devoted companion, however, they do take a certain amount of dedication because they need mental stimulation and plenty of exercise. Exercise could include vigorous play; two, half hour walks a day and some training sessions to keep them stimulated.

3. Golden Retriever

This breed has a wonderful personality; gentle, sweet and people pleasing, and while they’re not what you’d consider “guard dogs”, they’ll make a wonderful addition to any lifestyle, especially if you’re looking for a loving, devote, cuddle bug of a dog.

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