Producing Music is More Than a Technical Skill – It’s An Art!

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Photo credit here.

There are some professions that are an Art. Perhaps you have heard it said of medicine – it is more of an art than a science as the human body is not exact and science only is able to help the practitioner just so much. It is an art how the practitioner applies the science.

Producing music is also an art! Music producers certainly use specialized high tech equipment to do things like record music, synthesize and synchronize sounds and the mix it all to make it sound great. They are responsible for the audio equipment operations making sure a quality sound is the end product.

This technical skill can only get them so far if they do not have the gut feeling ‘know how’ of what sounds good and the imagination to try new sounds together. The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently noted there were 14,280 music producers employed with an average salary of $55,340.

Another profession that uses high tech equipment is electrical engineers.  The salary of a pales in comparison to an electrical engineer in the salary arena. An electrical engineer takes a 4 year degree and their average salary for the same time frame was $87,180.  But it is only money.  Can they work in concert halls or recording studios or broadcast rooms? No, they are likely working in cubicles in stuffy offices.

Sure, someone like an electrical engineer can make money with their skills, but music producers make more than that – they can create masterpieces using their artistic skills also. At the end of the day, can they go home and be proud of making something that touch the very souls of those that listened to it? Their audience is wide ranging and they have the ability to reach people’s inner most beings as well as make some decent coin.

Job growth for a music producer is expected to be about 10%. That is much more impressive than an electrical engineer where predictions are only at about 6%. Music producers are also likely to be found in big cities like New York City or Nashville or Los Angeles. Many are self employed setting their own hours.

Another perk for the music producer is the people they get to work with. They work with recording artists and musicians. They see beauty in voice and instrument and are able to orchestrate the final product. Just imagine sitting around in a room full of electrical engineers.

Yes, producing music is more than a technical skill, it is an art.  And for that reason, it is a much better choice for some that wish to use their technical skills and then add their own personality and art forms to it.

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