Is New York Pizza the Best Pizza around?

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Photo credit here.

If you are a pizza lover and traveling to New York, you have to try the best pizza in the world.  The city is known for great pizza, but did you know that you don’t have to go to the best restaurants in New York to find great pizza.  You can find great pizza places in Brooklyn and Queens.  There are many little cafes that offer homemade Sicilian pizza and everything is homemade including the cheese.  The cost of these slices range from $1.00 to $5.00 depending where you go.

In addition, ingredients can be extra, but it’s well worth it to travel to the tiny café bars and sample a slice of pizza from Brooklyn or Queens.  New York City has Pizza places all over and Little Italy is known for its fine Italian food including pizza.  But there is still nothing like an intimate café on a side street in one of the boroughs to find that perfect piece of pizza.

You can travel to Boston, Chicago or many other cities but the best pizza makers are in New York and surrounding boroughs.

The word pizza was first documented in 997 A.D. in Gaeta and successively in different parts of central and southern Italy. The term pizza first appeared in a Latin text from the southern town of Gaeta in 997 A.D. This term claims that a portion of property was given to the bishop of Gaeta (Duodecim pizze), which means 12 pizzas every Christmas Day and another 12 every Easter Sunday.  The origin of the word pizza is still disputed and uncertain.

has now become a booming business around the world with major chains in every city and town with a population over 10,000.  You can order pizza online and have it delivered to your front door within a half hour.  Many people buy frozen pizzas at their local grocery stores and there are now “Take and Bake” Franchises that allow people that are poor to use their EBT cards to purchase pizza because it is so nutritious.

How does one track the inventory of pizza as so many everyday are sold in major cities around the world? There is software now that companies can buy that track the ingredients, the waste, the purchases, the employees and the entire inventory that will allow company growth.

Pizza is very nutritious and is served in schools across the nation.  The FDA approves pizza in many institutions and the nutritionists are responsible for preparing menus for many institutions.  They are also responsible for educating the people and conducting research on all the latest food fads.  Pizza has won its way into the world as a healthy food while helping nutritionists earn a healthy living. In the United States, a nutritionist earns an hourly wage of around $27.00 an hour.

There are many famous Pizza Restaurants in New York, but next time you are there don’t be afraid to take a ride over the Brooklyn Bridge for pizza. Either way, Mr. Raffaele Esposito, the one credited with inventing pizza, would be proud.

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