Gunsmith Crafts Authentic Replicas Of Early Rifles

One of the greatest things you can come across today is that of an unassuming genius. When you visit a gunsmith today, it looks more like a military shop – there are so many pieces of equipment loitering around, that these traditional stores have lost a lot of the appeal they used to have so much of.

owns his own store, and despite being extremely modest in its presentation and its technology, the sheer level of skill that Greg works with makes it an extremely powerful store. It goes to show that you do not need to have all of the great new technology to keep up with the times!

Born into a long family line of creators and pioneers, Murray’s grandfather invented the ferrotype photography style in 1800s. However, Murray takes on a slightly more drastic topic when creating and inspiring, and that is old-school firepower. For those interested in gunsmithing who don’t have a rich family tradition in the craft, joining the army or attending a gunsmithing tradeschool can get you started.

From flintlock pistols to high power rifles, Murray has a wealth of experience in building guns starting from the 18th Century. Most of the guns that he creates hold an extremely important part in America’s history, and this makes the guns that Murray produces so much more interesting to see.

Sure, it’s nice to know what an old gun looks and feels like, but to know that you are holding the difference between life and death only a couple hundred years ago in your hands is quite the feeling. Describing his style of creation as “Americana”, and sells his firepower starting at $6,000. Everything is custom made and all the parts are made from scratch by Murray, so those enthusiasts out there with a bit of money sitting spare, you now know where to go to get your rifle that you always wanted created!

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