Fun Facts About Dogs And Cats

If you own dogs or cats, certainly there are times you really have to wonder just what their behavior means, or why it is they do certain things. If that describes you, this is your lucky day, read on and find out plenty of fun facts about dogs and cats, as well as why they engage in certain behaviors.

Why Do Cats Purr?

If you have children, chances are they have asked you this question, and chances are you had no clue what the answer was. When most people hear a cat purr, they conclude that it must be happy and content, but that is not always the truth. Scientists have spent a great deal of time studying cats, and while they are pretty sure they now have the answers, with these mysterious animals, you can just never be completely sure.

Today, researchers have come to the conclusion that cats purr for a variety of reasons. One reason is to communicate with humans and other cats. It also could act as many believe as self-soothing act to them. Yet another theory has believers that think it is part of a healing function.

Kittens may purr to let their mothers know they are fine. Adult cats use purring to beg for food when they are hungry. It is clear even after scientific research that there are a wide variety of reasons why cats purr. Knowing your cat is your best remedy to knowing what it means.

You May Not Believe This About Your Cat…BUT

Here some fun facts you may not know about your cats, and some are just plain funny.

  • The association between felines and humans goes back as far as 10,000 years
  •  Cats conserve their energy by sleeping up to 14 hours a day
  • The heaviest cat ever recorded tipped the scales at over 46 pounds
  • Cats have a superb sense of smell and hearing
  • Cats have excellent night vision and can see light levels over six times lower than what a human needs to be able to see
  • Cats are stealthy hunters who can sneak up on prey

To learn more fun and interesting facts about your cat, visit the Science for Kids Web site.

You May Not Believe This About Your Dog…BUT

Here are fun facts you may not know about your dog.

  • The number of dogs worldwide is believed to be over 400 million
  • The most popular breed is the Labrador
  • There is scientific evidence that points to the domestication of dogs happening over 15,000 years ago
  • Dogs can hear sounds at up to four times the distance of humans

What Is A Delicacy For You Can Be Deadly For Your Dog

Chocolate, especially dark and bitter chocolates, can be toxic to your dog. This is one not so fun fact that you need to be aware of. Never leave chocolate out where your dog can get it. If your dog ingests chocolate, follow the procedures outlined here.

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